How Not To Celebrate Halloween

I love Halloween, dressing up is SO MUCH FUN. Here is how not to celebrate Halloween: 1. Do Not, Not, eat Properly Before A Night Out  You need food to keep you going, that bowl of cereal did not help, you need something more substantial. 2. Do Not Wear Anything Expensive  Be prepared to lose something – Your gloves, yours shoes, your mask, your dignity. … Continue reading How Not To Celebrate Halloween

Talor Tries….Halloween Jalapeño Mummies

Halloween is such a fun time of  year, there is something really special about an occasion where you can dress up as anything you like. It’s a day where we can all bring out our Sasha Fierce (*Shout out to Beyoncé) alter ego and be that gross zombie or Harley Quinn we have always wanted to be. I will never forget the year I dressed up … Continue reading Talor Tries….Halloween Jalapeño Mummies

Talor Tries…. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Hey guys! So this is a new addition to my blog! As well as reviewing restaurants I will also be reviewing recipes, these can be from books, magazines, the internet such as YouTube and Pinterest,  and even the television. The main areas I will be looking at are: How easy the recipe is to follow, If there is anything that could be changed, How much … Continue reading Talor Tries…. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops