I have this weird obsession with chicken wings, where all I do is eat them. My roommate Flo and I decided treat ourselves on a Thursday. Quote from Flo “You are going to turn into a chicken wing if you keep eating them so much.” Watch our adventure here:   My social media :  Facebook: Facebook.com/talortries Youtube: Talor Tries…. Instagram: talorgilchrist_ Twitter: Talor_Gilchrist Tumblr: talorgilchrist Pinterest: Talor Gilchrist Bloglovin: Follow Me on … Continue reading I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS | YouTube 2018

This is March, Challenge Month

I’ve been struggling to think of a theme for March, I reached out and asked people for their suggestions…some of them: Kindness Money Fishing Extreme Activity 30 day challenge (Thanks Cheska) At first when I read ’30 day challenge’ I was like PFFT YEAH RIGHT because I assumed I would have to force myself to the gym or something. But actually, it doesn’t necessarily have … Continue reading This is March, Challenge Month

Have You Met…Charlotte?

‘Have You Met…’ Is a series I started to originally interview restaurants, then I moved onto bloggers and now since moving to New York the series has turned to others who are new to the city and the USA trying to find out what they have learned and their favourite places to visit. To read my other interviews head here.  ⏰◼️ A post shared by Charlotte … Continue reading Have You Met…Charlotte?