My Mind Has Been Blown..

… you know when you are just trawling through Buzzfeed getting lost in an internet soul sucking maze of randomness such as: ‘Pick your favourite ice cream topping and we will tell you when you die’ or ‘Thanksgiving horror stories’ I just so happened to stumble upon an article on weird tweets the Kardashian’s have posted and I came across this: Thanks guys! I had … Continue reading My Mind Has Been Blown..

You’re Invited

Who would you invite to your ‘Famous person’ dinner party? Mark Zuckerberg  Today we announced Oculus Go — a standalone headset that doesn't require you to snap in a phone or attach a cable. It's the most accessible virtual reality experience we've ever built. #OC4 A post shared by Mark Zuckerberg (@zuck) on Oct 11, 2017 at 11:33am PDT I would ask: Are you genuinely trying … Continue reading You’re Invited

How Not To Celebrate Halloween

I love Halloween, dressing up is SO MUCH FUN. Here is how not to celebrate Halloween: 1. Do Not, Not, eat Properly Before A Night Out  You need food to keep you going, that bowl of cereal did not help, you need something more substantial. 2. Do Not Wear Anything Expensive  Be prepared to lose something – Your gloves, yours shoes, your mask, your dignity. … Continue reading How Not To Celebrate Halloween