‘About’s’ make me feel awkward as I don’t really enjoy writing about me, myself and I, which is ironic coming from someone who writes a self-titled blog.

My name is Talor, pronounced ‘Taylor’. From Edinburgh I’ve lived in Newcastle, New York and London. Now, I’m back in my hometown.

This blog has been food, lifestyle, travel, film studies and dating, but now, as you will have noticed, I have archived all of my old posts as it was time to turn over a new leaf.

I’ve been working in social media for eight years now, and due to that, have A LOT of thoughts and opinions of this world, and so, here is the new era of TalorGilchrist.com.

Want to work with me? You can find me at the Leith Agency.

If you are looking for my food blog, it is still alive and kicking and you can find it on Instagram (@SassyScran ).

See you on the flipside.


My socials:Ā 

Instagram: talorgilchrist_

TikTok: @TalorGilchrist_

Youtube:Ā Talor Gilchrist

My foodie socials:

Instagram: @SassyScran

TikTok: @SassyScran

Arlo’s Socials (Doggo šŸ˜‰)

Instagram: @ArlsoIsASausage

TikTok: @ArloIsASausage



8 responses to “About”

  1. Hey Talor!

    Nice wee blog you have here! Keep it up! I’ve had a blog before and deleted it, might give this a try!


    1. Thanks babe, it’s good fun you should go for it x

  2. Hi Talor!

    Thought I would have a little look around your blog! It is amazing, I love your reviews and videos! If you get a chance to check it out there is an amazing little artisan bakery and cafe newly opened last year on Dundas Street in Edinburgh called Archipelago. I am sure she would love a review if you have the time! http://archipelagobakery.co.uk

    All the best!
    Francesca šŸ™‚

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