‘About Me’s’ are the bane of my life, which is ironic coming from someone who writes a self titled blog about themselves.

I hate writing them, there’s so much to tell you but WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW.

It’s like when you are asked: “So what you been up to?” 

Well I tell you what Carol, I watched five YouTube videos in a row and ate an entire box of orange matchsticks, but that’s not what you wanted to hear was it?

‘About Me’s’ are somewhere you can over explain and treat like a dating website –

I ADORE blonde Labrador puppies at the age of 6 months and if you disagree then well, we simply can’t get a cinnamon bagel by the sea. 

Or you don’t say enough and treat like a driving licence form-

Joe Blogs, 25, Male 

So, as you can see from my overthinking mind the whole concept is a pain in the arse, but what I will tell you is, there is no in my name, this blog will be filled my thoughts in non specific categories and if you are searching for my food blog you can find it here – SassyScran.

Yours sincerely,


My social media : 

Facebook: Facebook.com/talortries

Youtube: Talor Tries….

Instagram: talorgilchrist_

Twitter: Talor_Gilchrist

Tumblr: talorgilchrist

Pinterest: Talor Gilchrist

Bloglovin: Follow Me on Bloglovin

Snapchat: talor26






4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Talor!

    Nice wee blog you have here! Keep it up! I’ve had a blog before and deleted it, might give this a try!


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