What is Your Favourite Movie?

I have recently started a part-time course at Edinburgh College, ‘Filmmaking for Screen’ and will be documenting my journey on this blog, feel free to join me on this adventure!

Task One – Tell me about yourself, why you are interested in film and what is your favourite film?

A Bit About Me

I’m a twenty something Edinburgh local who has lived in Newcastle, New York and London. I have a degree in Criminology and have worked in PR, Marketing and Digital Marketing for a wide range of companies.

In a Covid-world I’m a big fan of food, walks, films and binge watching everything and anything – right now it’s old episodes of Saturday Night Live.

In a non-Covid world I’m a big fan of eating out, nights in the pub, heading to the cinema and travelling with friends.

I want to write that I love exercise here but I would just be lying to you, and myself.

Why Are You Interested in Film?

Years ago I became obsessed with Casey Neistat, I watched every single one of his vlogs back to back religiously. The music he used, the way he filmed, the amount of effort he put into every single video every day and I started questioning why I was so interested in this mans life.

It was because of the story he told through these videos, which inspired me to create my own ‘vlogs’. I started documenting my life with my friends, they are short videos and not the best but they are lovely to look back on for the memories. That dropped off the radar as I simply became ‘busy’ and lost confidence in myself.

During the first lockdown I went back to Casey, started paying more attention, which made me turn to movies and TV. Although I always loved film, I started looking at the finer details, what made this movie so great, why did the director use certain camera angles and what exactly is cinematography?

For my birthday that year my Dad gave me a cinematography book as I had told him of my interest, and from there I became a bit obsessive and I told myself I needed to look into this more, as I clearly enjoy it.

What Is Your Favourite Film?

This is such a difficult question and it changes on a regular basis, but I’ll try my best.

An honourable mention has to be The Dark Knight (2008), for simply having one of the best opening scenes in cinematic history, and an absolutely stunning performance from Heath Ledger. Following that movie would have been difficult, but Christopher Nolan pulled it out the bag with The Dark Night Rises (2012), this is truly a trio of films (because how can we forget Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins (2005) ) that will be hard to beat in the DC Comic universe.

Recently, I can’t stop watching Wes Anderson, his colour palette, filming techniques and odd comedy has me hooked. Having previously worked in hotels the Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) is close to my heart. Anderson has his own unique style, to the point where he has essentially created his own world. Many people strive for having that kind of imagination and creativity.

However, my all time favourite movie that I can watch over and over again is Amélie (2001), a heartwarming love story set in the stunning scenery of Paris with an array of loveable characters. What stands out for me in this film is that it is in a dream-like state, as if we are only seeing through Amélie’s eyes, to the point where she even breaks the fourth wall – one of my favourite things that happens in movies and TV.

Similar to Wes Anderson, this movie tells morbid tales in a comedic-fantasy way, and I’m also a sucker for the soundtrack.

What’s your favourite film?