The Scran and Scallie, Edinburgh

On the 31st of October my Mum, Aunty and I go out for a meal and order martini’s in memory of my Nana, as a celebration of her. This year we decided to go to The Scran and Scallie, we had tried to go here before on this  occasion in previous years however we didn’t manage to get a table, today was our lucky day. … Continue reading The Scran and Scallie, Edinburgh

Civerinos, Edinburgh

Edinburgh is inundated with Italian restaurants, yet I have never been WOWED by a pizza….until now. Civerinos is located on Hunter’s Square, at first I thought…bit of an odd location. Now I think they have really thought this one through as they are essentially at the centre of everything. They get the bustling crowds of the Edinburgh festival during the summer and are in a … Continue reading Civerinos, Edinburgh