Talor Tries….Bonfire Cupcakes

  ‘Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it’ – Carrie Bradshaw Bonfire night, otherwise known as Guy Fawkes, has always blessed me with wonderful memories, from sneaking into the school grounds surrounded by my closest friends and having a cheeky drink to watch the fireworks, to heading to Meadowbank to watch the amazing display with family. It looks like … Continue reading Talor Tries….Bonfire Cupcakes

Have you met….Civerinos?

We’ve all grown up with pizza, whether it was home made, a take away or from a restaurant we all know what pizza tastes like. Or do we? Not only is everything filled with flavour and made with love at Civerinos, the family vibe pours into it and the atmosphere is incredibly comfortable. Meet the person who has ruined pizza for me in a good … Continue reading Have you met….Civerinos?

Talor Tries…. Breakfast Puff Pastry

Hey guys! This is my second video, a couple of mistakes happen… however there is still a tasty outcome!! I would definitely recommend it if you ever need a quick breakfast for when your friends are round! Please like/share or comment and let me know if you have any recommendations of what I should make next! Love T x All of the ingredients come from … Continue reading Talor Tries…. Breakfast Puff Pastry