Have you met….Chophouse?

I LOVE Chophouse, I have only been twice but it is well on it’s way to becoming my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh. The food is delicious, the decor is industrial chic and the staff are so lovely when you leave you feel you have just acquired some new friends. I recently went to try their express lunch menu, which I will write about soon. In the … Continue reading Have you met….Chophouse?

Bread Meats Bread, Edinburgh 

You can no longer walk down a street in ️Edinburgh that does not have a burger place situated on it. ‘Oh have you been to Burger Meats Bun?’ ‘Don’t you mean Bread Meats Bread?’ ‘No I think you are thinking of Burgers and Beers?’ Seriously guys, let’s calm down and chill with the burger situation. I had to check this one out for myself due … Continue reading Bread Meats Bread, Edinburgh