An Ode to World Pasta Day

I apologise I didn’t post #OutOfTen yesterday, time got away from me, but here is something else instead. Today is #WorldPastaDay  and there are so many great things about pasta, so here is what I love about it. The crispy bit on top of macaroni cheese is worth a fight at the family dinner table.    View this post on Instagram It's international pasta day! What better … Continue reading An Ode to World Pasta Day

Have you met….Civerinos?

We’ve all grown up with pizza, whether it was home made, a take away or from a restaurant we all know what pizza tastes like. Or do we? Not only is everything filled with flavour and made with love at Civerinos, the family vibe pours into it and the atmosphere is incredibly comfortable. Meet the person who has ruined pizza for me in a good … Continue reading Have you met….Civerinos?

Talor Tries….’Skinny Carbonara’

FANS OF SPAGHETTI CARBONARA, I suggest you have a watch of my latest recipe review, it is of Jamie Oliver’s (my favourite chef…ever) SKINNY carbonara….that’s right! A version of your favourite meal that will make you feel a lot less guilty when eating it! My ‘Skinny Carbonara’ does not look half as good as Jamie Oliver’s, however it tasted lovely… so something clearly went well! … Continue reading Talor Tries….’Skinny Carbonara’