The Basement, Edinburgh

I go everywhere that people tell me to go because recommendations are the old fashioned TripAdvisor, and I trust my friends, colleagues and family more than I trust Suzie92 and her hatred of ‘badly folded napkins’. (Totally made that up FYI) The Basement has been mentioned a few times, so when I bumped into my mum on Queen Street while she was on the way … Continue reading The Basement, Edinburgh

Have you met….Chophouse?

I LOVE Chophouse, I have only been twice but it is well on it’s way to becoming my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh. The food is delicious, the decor is industrial chic and the staff are so lovely when you leave you feel you have just acquired some new friends. I recently went to try their express lunch menu, which I will write about soon. In the … Continue reading Have you met….Chophouse?

Have you met….Gannet and Guga?

Apparently being an adult means it is incredibly rare to get a day to yourself, so when it does happen I try to make the most of it. On this particular day I wandered around the National Museum of Scotland (blog post will follow this later) and then decided to treat myself to lunch, in walks Gannet and Guga, or should I say and in … Continue reading Have you met….Gannet and Guga?