Short Reviews of the Festive Period. 

I apologise that this isn’t a review of a restaurant or a video of a recipe, the festive period has been a busy one for me working/ socialising. So this is a little round up of everything that has been going on! Work Christmas Party   One word about the restaurant : Horrific A couple reasons why: The food was an hour late They forgot what … Continue reading Short Reviews of the Festive Period. 

The Raeburn, Edinburgh

Disappointing. Lewis and I decided to treat ourselves to breakfast, I’ve been here before and Lewis hasn’t. When I came it was for dinner and I had their platter and it was really good. The drinks prices at The Raeburn are also very good, however this was breakfast so I don’t think it would have been appropriate to ask for vodka with my bacon roll. … Continue reading The Raeburn, Edinburgh