This is an absolute whirlwind of hilarious activities, from the s*x museum to sneaking into a gig to a Manchester City match – there’s always something new going down in NYC.   My social media :  Facebook: Facebook.com/talortries Youtube: Talor Tries…. Instagram: talorgilchrist_ Twitter: Talor_Gilchrist Tumblr: talorgilchrist Pinterest: Talor Gilchrist Bloglovin: Follow Me on Bloglovin Snapchat: talor26 Continue reading WE SNEAKED INTO A GIG….

Have You Met… Freddie?

‘Have You Met…’ Is a series I started to originally interview restaurants, then I moved onto bloggers and now since moving to New York the series has turned to others who are new to the city and the USA trying to find out what they have learned and their favourite places to visit. To read my other interviews head here.  What is your name / age … Continue reading Have You Met… Freddie?

My Roommate and I Review Dating Apps | February Date Month

On an unusual night where Flo and I found ourselves staying in, our conversation turned to dating apps. Both completely terrified of meeting a stranger, we usually end up in fits of laughter at the conversations we have with people, how we have been completely ghosted or the whole concept of the dating ‘game’. Let’s face it, using these apps is a game, there is … Continue reading My Roommate and I Review Dating Apps | February Date Month