Talor Tries….Bonfire Cupcakes

  ‘Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it’ – Carrie Bradshaw Bonfire night, otherwise known as Guy Fawkes, has always blessed me with wonderful memories, from sneaking into the school grounds surrounded by my closest friends and having a cheeky drink to watch the fireworks, to heading to Meadowbank to watch the amazing display with family. It looks like … Continue reading Talor Tries….Bonfire Cupcakes

Talor Tries…. Christmas Tree Cupcakes!

Hey guys! So these are the Christmas Tree Cupcakes I made for my dinner party with my friends! I think they went really well, look beautiful and are super tasty! For the dinner party my friends all brought a savoury dish each,and everyone made such an effort, it was all so delightful and tasty and the over all night was a lovely reunion. The Christmas … Continue reading Talor Tries…. Christmas Tree Cupcakes!

Talor Tries….’Skinny Carbonara’

FANS OF SPAGHETTI CARBONARA, I suggest you have a watch of my latest recipe review, it is of Jamie Oliver’s (my favourite chef…ever) SKINNY carbonara….that’s right! A version of your favourite meal that will make you feel a lot less guilty when eating it! My ‘Skinny Carbonara’ does not look half as good as Jamie Oliver’s, however it tasted lovely… so something clearly went well! … Continue reading Talor Tries….’Skinny Carbonara’