Looking Back at Health Month | January

What does it mean to be healthy? According to the Oxford Dictionary:  “In a good physical or mental condition; in good health.” For me it’s about waking up in the morning and feeling good, about yourself, about your fitness and about life. As mentioned many, many times I am lazy – and the challenge of health month has made me that little bit less lazy, … Continue reading Looking Back at Health Month | January

Have you met….Grams?

Grams is about to take (naked) healthy fast food to a whole new level. 16 Haymarket Terrace directly opposite the tram stop outside of Haymarket station in Edinburgh is the location of Grams first premises, and I can now tell you that it is officially open. The decor is white meets black with a touch of dark wood and white tiles, simple yet individual. The … Continue reading Have you met….Grams?