Talor Tries….Easy Easter Egg Ice Cream

Do you ever sit there and think about what the sweetest thing you could possibly make at that moment would be? Then you remember it is Easter at the weekend so you should probably incorporate that into it? And then you somehow end up with some epic ice cream?   Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Ingredients  8 x Creme Eggs 397g Condensed Milk 2 … Continue reading Talor Tries….Easy Easter Egg Ice Cream

Hotel Chocolat, Edinburgh

No, this is not a restaurant, however it is too good not to write about. There is a Hotel Chocolat in both Edinburgh and Newcastle, and every time I walk past the window display I find myself craving chocolate. Mum received vouchers for Hotel Chocolat for Christmas, and I JUMPED at the chance to go with her to have a look around. LITTLE DID I … Continue reading Hotel Chocolat, Edinburgh