Talor Tries….Halloween Jalapeño Mummies

Halloween is such a fun time of  year, there is something really special about an occasion where you can dress up as anything you like. It’s a day where we can all bring out our Sasha Fierce (*Shout out to Beyoncé) alter ego and be that gross zombie or Harley Quinn we have always wanted to be. I will never forget the year I dressed up … Continue reading Talor Tries….Halloween Jalapeño Mummies

Talor Tries….Easy Chicken Burritos

STOP. DON’T ORDER THAT PIZZA, MAKE THESE INSTEAD. This is a cheap, tasty and relatively healthy recipe so there is zero excuse not to make these, plus they are a good people pleaser. It is a great recipe because you can take bits out and add in your own flavours. If you are feeling cheese that day throw on some of the grated good stuff, … Continue reading Talor Tries….Easy Chicken Burritos

Talor Tries…. Christmas Tree Cupcakes!

Hey guys! So these are the Christmas Tree Cupcakes I made for my dinner party with my friends! I think they went really well, look beautiful and are super tasty! For the dinner party my friends all brought a savoury dish each,and everyone made such an effort, it was all so delightful and tasty and the over all night was a lovely reunion. The Christmas … Continue reading Talor Tries…. Christmas Tree Cupcakes!