Talor Tries….Easy Sweet Baked Potato

This is what I eat when I have no money (all the time) and feeling  healthy (never). I love it because it is super easy, quick, cheap and tasty. Do you really need more? The video isn’t the best quality I apologise in advance. Video below, recipe under that. Enjoy!   Ingredients – this is a rough estimate for one, change as you please. 1 x … Continue reading Talor Tries….Easy Sweet Baked Potato

The Pantry, Edinburgh

For me, The Pantry is Stockbridge and Stockbridge is The Pantry. Why? Because it is elegant but casual, friendly, inviting and the epitome of local. For a while my Instagram was filled with photos of The Pantry,  and when this happens I get incredibly jealous that I have not managed to try it out. So, off we went.     Sitting at a table  by the … Continue reading The Pantry, Edinburgh