Celebrities that Look like Food

Yes, that is the title of this blog post. Kylie Jenner x Red Velvet cake  Ed Sheeran x Jelly Bellys  Emily Ratajkowski x Pomegranate seeds  Gary Beadle x Pineapple  Rihanna x Champagne  Writing this post genuinely made me laugh out loud so there is a high possibility that I will write it again, let me know what you think. Tx My social media :  Facebook: Facebook.com/talortries … Continue reading Celebrities that Look like Food

#OutOfTen – The Chocolate Cake Edition

Did you know that those who eat chocolate cake at least once a week are 86.5% happier than those who don’t eat it at all?* *This is a made up statistic  According to the world of social media it is National Chocolate Cake Day, (who makes this shit up?). So, I thought I would rate chocolate cakes out of ten, because yano………fun. If you didn’t take … Continue reading #OutOfTen – The Chocolate Cake Edition