Breakfast at the Waldorf, Edinburgh

There are some things in life that make you feel a little bit special, and on this occasion it was being invited to a private breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria with fellow bloggers. We were sat in a beautiful dining room overlooking the staple of Edinburgh, the castle, and we chatted away excited for what was about to come. Deliciously fresh orange juice was passed … Continue reading Breakfast at the Waldorf, Edinburgh


This was called #DidYouEvenEatIt but I have decided to change it to #OutOfTen Rating pictures from Edinburgh that I have loved from the past week out of ten. This week I am attempting a lyric version….. because you know, fun and stuff. All you knead is loaf…..out of ten.¬† View this post on Instagram Beautiful Saturday al-fresco lunch at @edfarmersmarket at the foot of the … Continue reading #OutOfTen