5 Shot Sequence – Mascara

I have recently started a part-time course at Edinburgh College, ‘Filmmaking for Screen’ and will be documenting my journey on this blog, feel free to join me on this adventure!

We have been tasked at college to put together a 5 Shot Sequence of an activity that lasts under one minute, mine features my wonderful Mum putting on Mascara.

The five shots:

  • Shot 1 – close-up (CU) of a subject’s hands
  • Shot 2 – is a close-up (CU) of the subject’s face.
  • Shot 3 move back from the action and capture a Wide shot (WS) of the subject.
  • Shot 4 an over-the-shoulder (OTS) shot.
  • Shot 5 think of the most creative composition possible.

This was a fun challenge, and slightly odd as I have never directed someone before. However, as much as my Mum poked herself in the eye with the mascara as I wouldn’t let her use a mirror for some of the shots and there were many ‘NO MY LEFT’ situations – we got there in the end.

The ‘creative shot’ was a struggle as I had tried many different options including:

  • Making my mum pretend the phone (that I was filming with) was the mascara wand
    • This ended up being fantastic up-the-nose content, and unfortunately unusable
  • Doing an extreme close up of the mirror during the ‘over the shoulder’ shot
    • As I am using my phone the zoom was simply not good enough and it came out blurry
  • Doing an above shot of just the eyes
    • It ended up being more forehead than eye
  • Doing an extreme close up of the eye
    • This actually turned out okay and would have been used, but I decided to go with :
  • A shot going from one side to the other
    • It simply looked a little bit more interesting than the others

Please enjoy the video below, and if you have any creative shot suggestions – let me know!