SassyScran (what you are currently on) originally started out as a food blog, believe it or not I love that cheeky substance we just so happen to need to survive.

However, upon moving to New York this blog focussed a lot more on my adventures there, because well….I had moved continents and that’s a pretty big deal if you ask me.

That year of my life is now over and I am back in the wonderful UK, however I like rambling on about myself as much as any other twenty something milleinal so I want to keep this blog for my narcissistic tendencies. Which is why SassyScran came to be, the new home of all things food (according to me).

So whether you like my ramblings, or my reviews there’s somewhere for you to go and I hope you continue to follow me on my blogging journey.

In case you missed the subtle link hints, here is SassyScran and here is the blog you are currently on, just in case you know…. you are a moron –