Restaurant Reviews

I originally started my blog to review restaurants, I would MUCH rather eat out than cook for myself.

I’m a completely honest person, no bull sh*t here. I will let you know if I have been invited to an event or asked to review a restaurant/given a complimentary meal.

My ten most recent reviews :

  1. Gin71, Edinburgh
  2. Wahaca, Edinburgh 
  3. Heverlee tasting at Sygn, Edinburgh
  4. The Scran and Scallie, Edinburgh
  5. Winter Sessions at the Balmoral, Edinburgh
  6. The Winter Garden at The Raeburn, Edinburgh
  7. Ting Thai Caravan, Edinburgh
  8. Hula Juice Bar, Edinburgh
  9. The Ninja Kitchen at Bourbon, Edinburgh
  10. Mussel Inn, Edinburgh