I often get asked for recommendations, and usually at this point my mind goes blank, so this page is to help my memory but also to help you.

These will change when I find somewhere new, so keep checking to see if anywhere has been replaced. This is based on where I have tried in 2016.

If you have a recommendation of somewhere for me to try leave a comment below.


Brunch: Salt Café / Have you met….Salt Cafe?

Pizza: Civerinos / Have you met….Civerinos?

Indian: Tuk Tuk    /   Have you met….Tuk Tuk?

Supper Club: The Smoked Duck / Have you met….The Smoked Duck?

Healthy: Grams / Have you met….Grams?

Mexican: El Cartel Mexicana

Steak:  Chophouse, Edinburgh / Have you met….Chophouse?

Vegan: Moon and Hare, Edinburgh

Coffee: Have you met….Cairngorm Coffee co.?

Asian Fusion: The Ninja Kitchen at Bourbon, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Zoo 

Summer Nights at Edinburgh Zoo

New York

Talor Travels….New York


Talor Travels….Marbella