The NOLA Diaries – Day Two

On day two we found ourselves walking around an industrial estate in the hopes of finding Mardi Gras World, on crossing over a train track to what doesn’t seem to be a pedestrian friendly entrance, we finally found it. It’s not often you are surrounded by giant heads of football players, Elvis Presely, a flamingo and the devil upon entering a museum – but that’s … Continue reading The NOLA Diaries – Day Two

The NOLA Diaries- Day One

Flozzy and I went to NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana – for nearly a week. Everyone said ‘that’s a long time to go for’, but we genuinely didn’t want to come back. We stayed in a hostel just off of St Charles Avenue called Auberge Nouvelle Orleans / AubergeNOLA, which I would highly recommend. It was my first experience staying in a hostel and since we … Continue reading The NOLA Diaries- Day One

The Wizarding World of Boston

I’m back on YouTube, as per usual I neglected it for a while. Six of us – Flo, Lizzi, Catherine, Cheska, Jack and I went on a trip to Boston and we did nothing but laugh for three days. Here’s a very small percentage of that very memorable weekend. #MonsterRelease   My social media :  Facebook: Youtube: Talor Tries…. Instagram: talorgilchrist_ Twitter: Talor_Gilchrist Tumblr: talorgilchrist Pinterest: Talor Gilchrist Bloglovin: Follow Me … Continue reading The Wizarding World of Boston