Talor Tries…. Golden Snitch Truffles and Butterbeer!

I have ALWAYS wanted to cook something Harry Potter themed, and I was finally given the chance with my friend Linzi! We both love Harry Potter and food, so it seemed to be the ideal combination. Watch how we got on in the video below :   Golden Snitch Truffles¬† Definition ¬†: “The Golden Snitch, often called simply the Snitch, is the third and smallest … Continue reading Talor Tries…. Golden Snitch Truffles and Butterbeer!

Talor Tries…. Christmas Tree Cupcakes!

Hey guys! So these are the Christmas Tree Cupcakes I made for my dinner party with my friends! I think they went really well, look beautiful and are super tasty! For the dinner party my friends all brought a savoury dish each,and everyone made such an effort, it was all so delightful and tasty and the over all night was a lovely reunion. The Christmas … Continue reading Talor Tries…. Christmas Tree Cupcakes!

Talor Tries….’Skinny Carbonara’

FANS OF SPAGHETTI CARBONARA, I suggest you have a watch of my latest recipe review, it is of Jamie Oliver’s (my favourite chef…ever) SKINNY carbonara….that’s right! A version of your favourite meal that will make you feel a lot less guilty when eating it! My ‘Skinny Carbonara’ does not look half as good as Jamie Oliver’s, however it tasted lovely… so something clearly went well! … Continue reading Talor Tries….’Skinny Carbonara’