New York to Acapulco

This felt like the longest journey ever, due to the combination of being awake for 36 hours, ill, tired and cold – then extremely hot. But hey! I got to visit my Mum who is spending 9 weeks in Acapulco. Enjoy! Remember to like, subscribe and share if you enjoyed this video 🙂   My social media :  Facebook: Youtube: Talor Tries…. Instagram: talorgilchrist_ Twitter: Talor_Gilchrist Tumblr: talorgilchrist Pinterest: Talor … Continue reading New York to Acapulco

Absolute CARNAGE – The Vlog is Back.

I apologise that it has taken me so long to get a video up while I am in NYC, my excuses are a mix of being constantly busy, moving across the world and not wanting to shove a camera in my new friends faces. So, I did it anyway. This is what I like to call, a casual Saturday.   My social media :  Facebook: … Continue reading Absolute CARNAGE – The Vlog is Back.

I Went to a Secret Gig in Williamsburg

On a casual Monday night carving pumpkins for the fantastic holiday that is called, Halloween, a few of us decided to book tickets for SofarSounds. What I originally thought was called ‘Sofa’ sounds – I was very wrong. The only thing you know when you buy your $15 ticket is the rough location of the venue, in this case Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you also know that … Continue reading I Went to a Secret Gig in Williamsburg