My Favourite Dishes of 2016

I don’t know about you but the past month has exhausted me. From working full time, attempting to blog and vlog every day, buy Christmas presents, go to events and Christmas parties. I feel like I have had a lot on my plate, and that’s a plate without food. The past couple of days I have started many blogs and stopped because my fingers just … Continue reading My Favourite Dishes of 2016

Wahaca, Edinburgh 

Wahaca has been through the mill recently, many people became ill including their own staff. However I will say now, I ate at Wahaca a total of three times in two weeks and the weekend after that the news was splashed around everywhere ‘norovirus’ ‘norovirus’. As I watched my hypochondriac self thought, oh my god I have ate there so often DOES THIS MEAN I … Continue reading Wahaca, Edinburgh