Have You Met…. Bee Waits For No One?

This week we are heading to Glasgow, a city that oozes cool and is always ahead of the trend. The blogger, Bee Waits, mirrors the city she lives in. With Bee Waits, otherwise known as Claire, you know for a fact you are reading the honest truth. I have never read a more genuine blog, whether it is adventures in Tokyo, a new restaurant opening, … Continue reading Have You Met…. Bee Waits For No One?


According to the world of social media, it’s British Sandwich Week. Classic Britain eh? Anyway, here’s my take on this week. Hi, I would like a sandwich that is most definitely not a sandwich please. Purple sweet potatoes, cabbage, zucchini and spinach on this vegan sushi sandwich by @celine_squared! Woohoo! Beach food. #sesame #zucchini #sushitime A post shared by THRIVE Magazine: VEGAN (@thrivemags) on May … Continue reading #BritishSandwichWeek