Do More…Positive Thinking

In true Talor fashion I started many many ‘Do More‘ blog posts only to run out of steam and not accomplish what I wanted. This in turn lead to frustration and me avoiding my blog at all costs.


I’ll be honest with you, my next ‘Do More’ blog post was to quit smoking for a week, I tried, but not very well and overall I am incredibly disappointed in myself. I AM going to do it, I just need to be in the right mindset. (Excuses I know)

So, I decided to be more positive as I can often be what is known as a ‘negative nancy’, glass half empty kind of gal.

How was I going to be positive?

Well as I am now obsessed with Tik Tok and find the ‘WikiHow‘ videos particularly hilarious I thought let’s try it out for size. It has four parts each with about a million points (exageration) so I am going to find a stand out THREE and go from there.

The first chosen point states:

Make Goals

This starts off with ‘start small with your goals’, followed by ‘word your goals positively’ and ‘keep your goals based on your own actions’.

Let’s go for two different goals, shall we? The first will be ‘Write down something positive that happened that day’ and the other will be ‘Give one person a meaningful compliment.’

Not TOO hard…I hope.

The second:

Do things you love to do

The sentence in this one that stuck out the most for me is: ‘It sounds simple, but it’s hard to execute sometimes. Your life may be very busy, so carve some tasks into your day that consistently make you happy. ‘

Obviously I wont be able to drink ridiculously expensive coffee and watch re-runs of Friends all day, but I’ll try and find the little things that I love and incorporate them more into my day.

The third:

Find an optimistic quote

This makes me cringe like no other, I’m not a ‘positive quote’ person, you will not find me with a Pinterest board exclaiming my love for myself and the world around me.

So this is a challenge for me to find quotes I actually like and don’t make me want to curl up into a ball and scrunch my eyes shut.

I am going to attempt to do all of the above every day and document it for my next blog post.

How do you stay positive?

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