Do More

Says Casey Neistat.

The man sleeps four hours a night and fills his day with a wealth of activities so that he can achieve his personal and career goals. You can watch the video on how he explains his time below.

I’m not saying I’m going to sleep four hours a night, because I can barely focus on six, but I am going to attempt to do more.

I don’t know about you but there are so many things I want to achieve, I set myself a goal and then it kind of just fizzles out. Why? Because as mentioned previously I get the train to work, go to work, get the train back and then eat and go to bed because I’m so exhausted from everything.

Then at the weekend it’s the only time I spend with myself, but because my bodyclock likes to wake me up early I don’t get a minutes rest. I feel like I have to go out and see people and then Sunday evening comes by and I haven’t even bought my meals for the week yet.

I want to change that around, I want to be better, for no one else but for myself. I want to enjoy London for the fabulous city that it is, I want to be happy, healthy AND I want to keep up my social life and see as many people as possible.

Why does this feel like an impossible task? When actually it should be normal day to day life.

Is it laziness? Probably. We only have so many hours in the day and it’s important to make the most of them, and to not lie on the sofa and binge Love Island – which is exactly what I do.

No more excuses now, it’s time to ‘Do More’ a la Casey Neistat and how will I achieve this?

I’ve decided to give myself one task a week that I have to do every day in the hope it becomes a habit.

What’s the first task? My worst enemy, exercise.

Let me know what you think my second task should be, and I’ll see you on my next post where I will discuss my personal torture. (Otherwise known as physical activity)

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3 thoughts on “Do More

  1. How about exercise that involves lying around? 🙂
    Instead of 3 hours exercise before work, how about 3 minutes…
    Roll out of bed, onto the floor (with phone set to “stop-watch”) on your front, raise up on to your elbows and toes, keeping your bottom flat and your chin pointing at the floor – hold a plank for 60 seconds.
    It took you 60 seconds to get out of bed and sort your phone. After the plank – celebrate – you bloody did it! AMAZING. Whilst you lie on the floor celebrating, consider… I just did some exercise 🙂
    Ok, now do that, every morning – when it gets easy, you start to do it longer, when it gets boring, you take your iPad with you and watch reruns of Friends… etc.

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