Boozy Brixton Book Club: This is Going to Hurt

Hello, and welcome to the Boozy Brixton Bookclub.

What is it you may ask?

My flatmate Charlotte and I have decided to host a bookclub on the last Thursday of every month and invite our friends along for a drink, some snacks and a natter about the chosen book.

What’s the deal?

We knew that we wouldn’t end up chatting about the book so to spur conversation we decided that we would have a quiz about the chosen book and whoever wins has to choose the next book and therefore create the next quiz.

All caught up? Good, we have one rule:

You must read the book.

Our first book was This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay, a hilarious journal of an NHS Doctor. You can buy it here.

If you have read it, let me know what you think (I loved it), if you haven’t read it please do and get back to me.


If you want to run your own book club or simply would like a challenge I have left my quiz questions below for you to do, we have decided since the questions can be difficult you get one point for a general answer and two points if you get it spot on (because we are nice people).

Let me know how you do!

  • How did Stephen Fry describe this book?
  • How many years of training did Adam do?
  • How did the NHS spell his name for his email address?
  • What is his nickname for Obs and Gynae?
  • A woman complains of a large number of painless spots on her tongue, what was the diagnosis?
  • Adams favourite patient, an eighty year old, realised Adam isn’t just English, what is his other nationality?
  • Zac, Adams friend, gets the words shoulder and elbow mixed up – what words does his other friend get mixed up?
  • He points at someone and tells them they need to start wearing condoms during a diagnosis? Who is it?
  • What did the patient attempt to propose to her boyfriend with?
  • What does the nurse say to the patient complaining about people going ahead of her in the ward?
  • What does Adam get stolen?
  • What does his grandma lick off of his face?
  • Why do patients stick dots on their notes and what happened on this one particular occasion?
  • What did St Theodore hospital leave in one of their patients?
  • When did they leave it there?
  • What is home delivery for?
  • Who is Simon?
  • What decision does Adam have to make in his last diary entry?
  • What did patient CF insert into his penis?
  • WhY did the 83 year olds vagina smell?
  • What happens in a hospital if the fire alarm goes off during surgery?

If you would like to be prepared for next time, my friend Will won the above quiz and he has chosen: Lies by T.M Logan, a psychological thriller – so a little different from the above! You can buy it here.

Do you have any book suggestions for us?

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