What do you find confusing about guys?

I asked both guys and girls what they find confusing about each other, I received so many responses from the girls that I decided to give them their own post.

I am no expert when it comes to boys, guys, men – whatever they are – they are as confusing to me as a Rubik’s cube, and I’ve never solved one. So I thought, am I the only one? Does everyone else find the male species and their actions confusing?

I set out to ask my friends what they found confusing, and here are the responses:


Their inability to express their emotions in a ‘normal’ way.

When they don’t actually tell you what they want. Like mate, I’m not a bloody mind reader!!

Their total lack of empathy.

Immaturity dealing with feelings.

They make you feel like you’re the only one into it and that you are super obsessed.

Probably that after all this time they still can’t communicate or listen even when they know it’s in their best interest to make an effort to do so.


When you say ‘do you want to watch something tonight?’ and their eyes light up as this clearly means sex is on the table – why can’t you actually want to watch something?!

Why do guys refer to female parts as ‘pussy’, it’s disgusting and lame.

One thing that does really confuses me about guys is the fact they think dick pics are something girls want to receive?


Why are rich guys so tight with paying Uber’s?

Will they wont they?

I don’t know how girls are still dating…one day you’re on, one day you’re not. There’s one rule for them, one for you. One day you don’t stop speaking, the next you don’t hear from them for days. Why do they only seem to care about you when another guy is giving you attention? How people make it as far as marriage I just don’t know.

Mainly when they’re drunk they’re keen and when they’re sober they’re not…it’s like being with two different people.

What confuses me is how they can say they’re super into you and like you loads but then change their mind the following day/week. If you’re not into it, just say, I don’t want to waste my time either – I’ll survive sweetie!

Please stop

How some of them think it’s socially acceptable to pick their nose in the presence of others!

Gym or mirror selfies for their dating app profile. Who tells them that this is what girls want to see?!

The one that is clearly in a relationship

Ooh that’s a tough one, NAAAT, they are such simple beings.

And, we’re always listening

That they haven’t actually figured out that dating one girl is dating all of her friends and we have eyes and ears EVERYWHERE.

Is there anything you find confusing?

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