My New Year’s Resolutions

Hey 2019, how you doin’?

I’m very bad at keeping resolutions, it’s a mixture of being incredibly lazy, having the attention span of a gnat and my love of terrible food is too great to let go. However this year I am determined, I think my quarter life crisis is on the verge of rearing its ugly head and I would like to be prepared when the inevitable happens.

The first thing I am going to focus on is myself.

1. Exercise

Note that I didn’t say ‘exercise more’ because I don’t exercise, AT ALL. The majority of my friends are very good at getting up and going, I am not one of them. Joining a gym is expensive, but I join them anyway and then don’t go.

Please note, I am not exercising to lose weight, I actually don’t mind the size that I am, which is an odd sentence to write however, we are planning a summer holiday this year and I would genuinely like to see some form of definition. Whether it’s my arse or my elbow I don’t care I just want the sheer effort and pain of exercising to be worth it somehow.

Also, for my health as I am ridiculously unhealthy.

2. Sugar

I have an addiction to sugar. Actually, I have an addiction to a lot of things such as coffee and cigarettes ((Editing note: wow I am an awful human being) but let’s start with sugar.

I recently read this Buzzfeed article: More Sugar More Problems and the writer gave up sugar for 30 days and saw some great benefits. I enjoyed this article because I completely related to it, one of the main things she points out is how much she craves something sweet after every meal – that is me to a T. (Editing note: ‘To a T’, should have been my blog name, moron)

I actually accidentally ate someone’s Christmas present this year because I craved chocolate after my lunch (I then had to go out and buy another box of After Eights) – bit of a problem, right?

So in January and January only, (I am not a monster), I am going to attempt to give up sugar and yes, I will document it. I am hoping giving up sugar in January will make me more aware of my sugar intake and therefore have a positive effect on my diet. OR I’ll binge in February.

Sorry for being a hangry b*tch in advance.

3. Moisturise

This is a super weird one but I just don’t do it and I’m like, old now – so I probably should start. The makeup hype is real with me, but the skin care is way over my head.

You know these ‘nighttime routines’ or ‘morning routines’ AKA A ROUTINE, that people do? Why are there so many products? Do they not all counteract each other? And WHY ARE YOU PUTTING ACID ON YOUR FACE.

Anyway, my skin will be glowing by the end of the year so get your sunglasses at the ready.

4. Fashion

I don’t have a fashion sense, when my friends have described me they use the words:

Boyish, different, emo, weird, unique or ‘you dress like you’ which is always helpful.

I dress in things that are comfortable and that I am used to aka a black roll neck body, black Joni jeans (which are obviously grey now) and my Stan Smiths (my second pair because I can’t let them go). And, everything I own is about two years old.

But I’m a bit bored of this so I’m actually going to dress in this sense:

If I bumped into me while wearing this what would I think of myself? (I would laugh at my current state).

I’m going to try and be more ethical because that’s obviously super important and less selfish than everything I have just said above. I’m going to start doing this by concentrating on thrift shopping as I can’t seem to afford actual ethical brands (if you know any affordable ones let me know). I am going to research into this more as it’s a passion for a lot of people I know and if I am going to concentrate on it then I want to do it right.

Things I want to achieve and do.

5. Blog

Okay yes, that is what I am currently doing, however this year I have completely neglected my blog. I lost enthusiasm and got bored about what I was writing about and felt a bit MEH about everything.

The one thing I was asked the most this Christmas was: How’s the blog going?

(Editing note: That was actually the second most asked question, the first question was: ‘is there anyone special in your life Talor?’ And I’ve never felt more like Bridget Jones.)

Anyway, it was nice that people cared about my blog and could actually name and talk about things that I had written and that made me feel all warm and fluffy. (Editing note: I realise that it is supposed to be ‘fuzzy’ but I’m keeping fluffy in there cause that is hilarious)

I’m not going to lie in 2017 I nailed my blogging, in 2018 it died, so 2019 we are bringing it back to life. I am going to attempt 2 posts a week (I used to do three) so let’s see how it goes from here.

6. Video

Here’s the thing, I LOVE editing. I taught myself how to do it and it genuinely excites me, nothing in this world excites me like editing apart from music or maybe you know, a holiday.

Weird I know, but for some reason editing is a great passion of mine and I think watching the finished project is just incredible, I have Casey Neistat to thank for my love of this as I don’t believe I would ever have thought about making videos if it wasn’t for him.

The only problem is the only thing I have to film is myself, and here is where I struggle. I have severe mixed emotions on what to do and say and the judgement I’ll get from people for doing it.

So, alongside giving up sugar I am going to film every day in January and just see where it goes.

Random sh*t that makes no sense, but yolo.

7. Never say or type the word ‘yolo’

8. Re-learn the Guitar

I used to play guitar when I was younger and we have an old guitar in the house that is my Mum’s. It seems a waste that it’s just sitting there and I feel this would be a good distraction from the world, I just need to get the energy to take it from Edinburgh to London and I’m not sure I could carry both a guitar and a suitcase…so watch this space.

9. Re-learn Spanish

Fun fact: I actually got a first in Spanish at Uni, right now I couldn’t string a sentence together however when people speak it or I see it written down I would say I could understand 75%. By the end of the year, I would like to be able to have a conversation.

I think I might download that app where you do something every day? I can’t remember the name of it currently but if you know it leave it in the comments.

10. I feel like I need a tenth thing because it’s a nice round number

Do you know what, number 10 can be – just be a good person.

My general rule is to assume that someone has had a bad day so treat them in a nice manner because you never know what happens behind closed doors.

Obviously I don’t do this all the time as no one is an angel, however I will attempt to do it consistently.

What are your New Years resolutions? 

Also, this is my song of the year:

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