I Asked my Friends what Their Biggest Turn Off’s were

In February of this year I decided to do ‘Date Month’ which was hilarious and fun to do, but pretty much amounted to zero dating, mainly because I am sh*t scared of the entire concept. But, the research of trying out dating apps and asking my friends what their perfect date was made me laugh so much that I tried to think of ways I can bring a similar subject back to the blog. 

So, I turned to my friends again and decided that we should start with Turn Offs. What ONE THING would turn you off someone immediately?

The group I asked are a collection of guys and girls, of a ‘millenial’ age from all across the UK. Many came up with very similar answers and others got very specific, but overall it’s a pretty interesting collection of thoughts. 

We had the ‘Classics’ 

Bad teeth, unclean hair, arrogant, smells bad, not being consistent, look dirty, too aggressive, bad grammar, bad shoes, zero sense of humor, if they talk about themselves the whole date, sh*t table manners and showing a lack of self-awareness. 

“Like, confidence is sexy, but not arrogance – you know?”

“Their teeth don’t have to be super straight, but I mean like, clearly brushed”

“Like a guy that has serious road rage or is really argumentative in a bar or something, I hate that.” 

“If they have no passion or ambition, guys who are super passive and just wanna skate by- so boring”

We had the ‘Very Specific’ 

An American accent, when they talk about material things, if they say ‘lol’, talking about their ex or other dates they have been on, when they fart, when they compliment too much, if they are vegan, when there is zero eye contact and if they don’t offer to buy the first drink. 

“Sounds awful, but if they are less than 6 ft’

“If they wear loafer boat shoes or red chinos, it’s an automatic no no.”

“Whenever a girl uses the phrase ‘if you can’t handle me at my worst then you definitely don’t deserve me at my best'”

“If they are far too loud, like, I’ve had a few shouty guys’

“Lack of sport or exercise instantly makes me despise a boy”

“People who split the bill exactly by what they’ve eaten and drank, absolute morons.”  

“Weird mouths really turn me off”

Then we had the ‘Face Palms’

When they don’t flush properly (leaving an unpleasant surprise), if they don’t love curtains and if they are fat because : 

“fat comes with so  many downsides”

And of course, we had

“If they write a blog”

What’s your biggest turn off? 

These are just opinions, everyone has one, so please take them with a pinch of salt, oh and I’ve kept them anonymous for obvious reasons. 

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