It’ll Be Alright | #2

The day had come, we were leaving.

I packed my bag, again, crying.

And we headed towards reception to check- out.

There was seven of us in total travelling and this was us parting ways, three of us, me and two others were flying to Manchester, three were headed to London and one was heading to Canada. (One had left a day early for London but that’s not my story to tell)

We said our goodbyes at the hotel reception and the three of us headed toward the taxi. There was no movie-esque goodbye, we didn’t slow motion walk away with slowly turning heads to have one last look at our companions, there was no wishful glimpsing out of the taxi – it was mainly just tears and snot flying everywhere with the girls wailing:


And the guys laughing at the fact that we were crying.

I couldn’t have asked for two better people to fly home with on this journey, and here are the reasons why:

  • I overpacked and couldn’t carry my own bag, these were two strong boys
  • Nothing makes your crying stop more when people around you aren’t crying
  • They are both very positive and happy people, and I knew I could have a hug at any point
  • We are all Northerners, so there was a mutual appreciation of the fact that we would be having our first Greggs in a year

One of them gave me a pat on the head like you would a sad dog while we were in the taxi and they both came to say hello during the flight back. (We were all unfortunately separated on the journey home). It’s the small things that make you feel a tiny bit better.

As I was on the plane watching the new It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia I couldn’t help but think OH CHRIST I’M GOING HOME, I knew I was excited about seeing my family and friends but I still had all of my other thoughts weighing on me. Then the two girls next to me started paying videos, which I can only assume was from their night out, laughing and squealing about how much fun they had in Vegas. This is when I realised, I’m not only going home, I’m going back to the U.K and there I sat for the next NINE hours feeling like I was in an episode of Geordie Shore that I could never escape from.

The movie ‘Love, Simon’ and a cheese plate that I didn’t need but wanted (it had ploughmans – sue me) later and we were nearly at the end of our nine-hour flight. We left exhausted and slightly delirious and the boys helped me grab my bag off of the carousel because if I had tried I would be dragged along the side of the carousel, too tired to let go.

We exited this area of the airport and we gasped because there it was,


My friends Dad came to pick him up while we were halfway through our steak bakes, chicken oval bites and orange Lucozade, and three became two. My Geordie friend was (obviously) heading to Newcastle so I tried to get on the same train as him as Edinburgh and Newcastle usually come hand in hand when it comes to our rail system. No, it would mean two trains for me and £100 I didn’t have, so I had to get the train an hour after.

We said our goodbyes and I was on my own for the first time in a year. I would have to deal with my bag all by myself. I DRAGGED (it doesn’t have wheels) my bag to my platform (many watched, zero helped) and sat in the freezing cold for an hour downloading the latest episodes of It’s Always Sunny to watch on the train. I shoved my bag onto the train (honestly I think some people thought I had a body in there) that had ZERO baggage area (seriously from an airport?) so had to sit with it under my seat and therefore had my knees up to my chin. I then opened my laptop to watch my downloaded episodes to be told I can only watch the trains specific streaming service.

Excuse me?

I arrived at Haymarket, exhausted and so excited about seeing my Mum that I seemed to have gained super-strength as I HOIKED my bag up the stairs towards the barriers with her dancing behind them and waving. It took me a while to realise I needed my ticket to get out and I couldn’t just ram myself through the barrier. After some overexcited mumbling to the ticket lady, she let me through and we had a tearful hug (my Mum and I, not the ticket lady, but I probably would have hugged her too at this point), which was followed by a:

“Give me your bag Talor, I’ll carry it home.”

Which swiftly became:

“Oh my god what is in here.” 

So we took a handle each and carried it back to the house.

I lay on my bed, exhausted and opened up my laptop to FINALLY watch the next episode of It’s Only Sunny to then be shown:

“Your episode could not be downloaded due to problems with your billing.”


Whatever, at least I’m home safe – right?



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