The Next Chapter of this Blog is Going to be a Little Different

The next chapter of this blog is going to be a little different.

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, this is due to a combination of separation from my one true love, New York, moving home to Edinburgh catching up with everyone and then moving to London for a new job. All of these boxes have been ticked in the space of about three weeks, so it is safe to say it was an exhausting time.

Not only did I leave New York where I had spent a year, but I also moved back to Edinburgh after travelling the West Coast of America for 3 weeks. It was a complete shock to the system and the first drink I had upon returning home reduced me to tears.

I knew for a fact I had to get out of Edinburgh (sorry everyone I know and love) because it felt suffocating, it was too small and life was just a little bit too similar to how I left it. To prove my point I bumped into 3 people who I know for different reasons, during one shopping trip on Princes Street – Edinburgh is a (kind of) big city with a small town mentality.

To those who live in Edinburgh, I get it – it’s a beautiful city with everything on our doorstep, the people are awesome and the lifestyle is great in terms of food, drink shopping etc. But it’s just not quite where I want to be (right now).

So, the next step seemed easy, where to go after New York? The obvious answer appeared to be London. My job search began and I landed on my feet.

I am currently two weeks into moving to London where I am staying with family friends in Notting Hill and I will be moving into another family friends home in Wimbledon this evening for the foreseeable future. I always knew I would be sofa surfing when I first moved down due to the extortionate prices of London, but that’s fine, it all adds to the story.

The beginning of these blog posts won’t start in London though, it starts when I moved back to Edinburgh, I decided to write down my thoughts but it just didn’t feel right to publish them at the time as it was still a little too raw.

Please bear in mind that all posts from now on will probably more than a month behind the current time. For example, when I am complaining about unemployment that is clearly not true now due to being employed.

I will be mentioning family and friends, but I’ve been thinking about it and I will no longer be naming actual names but something else (TBD) it doesn’t seem fair to taint people with my ramblings and it also means I can talk about funny stories without embarrassing anyone…so friends, if you have a preferred nickname, let me know (good way to know if your friends read your blog…am I right?).

Although this post seems a little serious I just thought it would be good to give an explanation of what is to come…so don’t worry my incredibly sarcastic humour will be back in no time. I will also be adding little bits and pieces on what books I’m reading, how much I hate my hair and why you should concern yourself with the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch – you know, the usual garbage.



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