Why Won’t You Let Me Drink?

I’m poor New York, and your drinking rules suck.

When a beer comes to $8, but you can buy a litre of vodka for $12 at the local shop – it makes absolutely no sense to leave the house.

And that’s how alcoholism starts, so to avoid the costs and the health risks what do you?

New York, why won’t you let me drink…

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Always yapping in her ear. #Throwback

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…On The Train

The train includes – subway, Path and the actual train.

According to the non-existent dictionary:

Train Juice “When you have left over drink from pre drinks combined with a mixer of your choice in said mixers bottle, aka Train Juice” 

Or if you are past the level of caring simply act as if you are at a bar and whack the bottle of wine out in front of everyone with plastic cups, I’m not saying I’m ashamed because it is simply a suggestion…

…On A Boat

What is the point in Central Park having beautiful rowing boats, with beautiful surroundings and a great atmosphere when you can’t even have a bloody ice cold beer with you.

Or can you?

…In The Park

If I were you, I’d buy a coffee from Starbucks (or alternate fast food joint) and pour my bev in there, or alternatively resort back to ‘Train Juice’.

You are welcome.

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Can I go back to Miami now?

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…On The Beach

See above.

A flask can always be handy on the beach as it keeps things cold, I mean….it could keep things cold…I don’t know….I haven’t tried it…

…Spenny Bars or Clubs

I’m not saying I’m a 25 year old teenager that owns a flask, but I am also saying that.

…or am I.

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Cheers 🥂

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…In The Uber

Is it normal for six people to share a 2 litre of Sprite in an Uber? Probably not, but apparently it is now.

I would offer you some Mr Taxi man, but I don’t think you would like it.

Am I saying the above happens? No…it’s just some suggestions if you happen to be poor in New York.

Which….I am.

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