The Perils of Mini Golfing

It appears I spent a lot of time next to the Hudson last weekend, as on Friday a bunch of us decided to go mini golfing.

Why the negative title you ask?

Well, it appears a fun family friendly game has it’s consequences.

The Taunting Hits Home

Those of us who are good golfers get insulted by everyone wanting them to lose.

Those of us who are sh*t golfers get stressed and want to do well.

And those of us who are in the middle simply take it on the chin.

But really it is quite funny when someone goes:

“Oh christ everyone stand back she’s about to swing” 

Everyone Wants Each Other to Lose

So much so that they encourage you to:


Well you know what my friend? I got a bloody hole in one. (ABSOLUTE fluke)

“WHAT I said that to put you off” 

Wee T doesn’t mess about.

There’s a Bloody Queue

As we are in New York there is queue for everything.

We’ve got about six people in front of us, with one man taking PRACTICE SHOTS, can I remind you kind sir it is MINI GOLF.

We’ve got a couple behind us who have to wait extra long as there just so happens to be seven of us.

All this waiting around and feeling rushed is very stressful.

There’s Swamp Water

Well no, there isn’t.

There are water features which my ball JUST SO HAPPENED to fall into.

I did try the ‘use my golf stick (bat? baton? CLUB) to get it out’ trick, this did not work so my hand went in. Let me tell you right now, that was not nice water.

“Talor, would you like some hand sanitiser??” – two seconds after my hand comes out of the water.

The Flag Gets in the Way

It doesn’t actually, it’s just really funny to watch the first golfer take it out of the hole in a rage and throw it on the ground.


Who won you ask? Well, I came THIRD.

Kind of, two people drew first, three people drew second….I came third and another came fourth.


Regardless, the mini golfing at Pier 25 is SUPER fun, only costs $7 and you get a great view of the One World Trade Center and the Hudson.

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