It’s Free to Kayak on the Hudson

Did you know that?

I’ve known for the past 11 months and yet this is the first time I have ever been.

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday and we were having a dilemma on what to do, we only have a few weekends left and we are determined not to waste them. Having been under the influence of alcohol every Saturday since I can remember, this was our attempt at utilizing the day and doing a fun activity sans-alcohol.

We headed into the city and that was that, we were near the kayaking so we are going kayaking.

Sauntering over wasting time here and there popping into shops in the World Trade Center, nipping into Duane Reade for a snack and grabbing an overpriced (but delicious) coffee from a lovely cafe, or should I say Kaffe.

I’m not going to  lie, I have been kayaking nearly every year of my life due to our house up north but this made me slightly nervous. Hinting that I didn’t want to lone-kayak I received responses such as:

“Talor, CMOOOON you HAVE to do it alone”

“No Talor, it’s easier by yourself”

or simply


So it appeared I was doing it alone.

We turned up and the first question they ask you is ‘can you swim’, and yes I can actually swim. Unfortunately due to many beach trips and being the girl that gets thrown into the sea coming up splishing and splashing everywhere as I am small and can’t find the bottom – no one believes me. Que concerned looks from friends.

We then headed over to the lockers to put our bags, phones etc somewhere safe all moaning about how we did not dress appropriately for kayaking. This was followed by getting a life jacket, ALL of my friends – I repeat ALL – got an adult life jacket, I got a child’s. Oars picked up, and we were off towards the Hudson.

The woman called me over with a wave of her hand and she told me to slip onto the kayak, now, I am not going to lie I am that person that puts one foot in and ends up drowning but thankfully this did not happen.

I was off FREE AS A BIRD – I’m rocking this kayaking business.

Image result for spongebob 5 mins later

Okay I’m bloody exhausted.

Stopped paddling and bobbed about like a lost duck – hey it’s a sunny day and I can see the Statue of Liberty, this is lovely.

A race, a bit of Hudson wood on a kayak and some splashing later – we headed back.

What are my thoughts? I would 100% do it again.

  • It’s easy
  • It’s safe
  • It’s free
  • It’s peaceful
  • It’s a good laugh

The Hudson is vile, your bum gets wet and it’s a small patch of water, but it’s FREE, so no complaining on  my part.

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