I Can’t Be Arsed

I don’t know about you, but I think that is one fantastic blog title.

If you haven’t noticed (you bloody should have) I haven’t written my blog for a month – the longest time I have ever not written my blog in probably about five years. Why?

I was on the phone to my Dad today and the conversation went like this:

“Daaaaaaaaaaaad I have reached a block I don’t know what to write about.”

My Dad is very much of the opinion of, yes you do shut up and get on with it. (Not his actual words – more what I got from the conversation).

So, is it because I have reached a block? Is it because I can’t be arsed? What is it?

I actually love this blog, it’s my pride and joy and when people tell me they enjoy reading it my face goes red with embarrassed pride because it is essentially my nonsensical musings.

But, I also have the attention span of a knat. I’ll start writing something and then get bored and forget about it, for example I currently have 64 draft blog posts sitting there waiting. Here are some titles that have literally been put in the cavernous bin of my mind:

“The Poor Persons Money Diary” 

A tale of having no money and yet still spending money

“Trying to Accept my Natural Hair” 

Me attempting to accept my natural (curly frizzy) hair for an entire week, no straighteners. I’ll tell you right now I was too embarrassed to publish because I quite frankly – had to straighten it.

“My Mum Forced me to do Bikram Yoga” 

This is not true

“The Problem with Eating Yoghurt with a Fork” 

You can see, by this title why I hit a road block.

So, the blog will be coming back and who knows maybe I will bring the above titles back to life.

But the conclusion of this rambling is, I certainly can be arsed.

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