The NOLA Diaries – Day Three – Turtle Soup, Haunted Mansions and Lamb Neck

Upon waking up with a raging hangover, on my part as Flo has the gift of no-hangovers, we were determined to get up and make the most of the day.

Flo’s parents suggested we treat ourselves to a lovely brunch at Brennan’s, as during their travels across America they remember having a lovely time there.

Not only is Brennan’s an institution in New Orleans, Flo’s parents also have impeccable taste so there was no way we were not taking this recommendation. Flo booked us in and we were ready to spoil ourselves.

We entered Brennan’s, a vintage interior with baby pink everywhere, oyster plates lining the walls and a staircase any prom photo shoot would ask for.

We were greeted by a lovely man who sat us down and couldn’t help ask me about my tattoo – literally grabbing my arm and telling me how much it must have hurt, I know. I’m used to this, however he knew a little bit too much about tattoos for this to be the usual occurrence.

Then, he told us he was covered in tattoos, so much so that he wore make up on his hands at work so that customers could not see them (the only part he had to cover as he was in a suit). He showed us the back of his hands and sure enough you could faintly see the lines under the concealer.

He noted that his hands were half finished, they were started many years ago, but it hurt too much for him to go back.

A bottle of champagne ordered (courtesy of Flo’s Mum – thank you!) we couldn’t wait to order our food, we had both looked at the menu the night before and knew exactly what we wanted.

I went for the unusual choice of the egg yolk carpaccio with grilled shrimp and crispy sweet potato. This was honestly delicious – I loved it. It was so odd, but it all worked incredibly well.

Flo kindly offered me one of her oysters, but due to the hangover I wasn’t quite ready for that yet.

I then had the fried pork chop that was sitting on top of truffled polenta, I don’t know the exact ingredients because I can no longer find it on their menu – but this jumped out at me from the menu. It was incredibly rich but so tasty, I couldn’t finish it unfortunately but the waiter did remind me that the pork chop was bloody huge, so I didn’t feel so bad.

Brennan’s has a beautiful outdoor courtyard so after we were filled to the brim we asked our waiter (who was fantastic) if we could move outside.

Sitting in the sunshine sipping champagne cocktails it all felt a bit surreal, we obviously enjoy spoiling ourselves on our incredibly low budget.

On the one hand it was absolutely beautiful and an enjoyable experience, on the other I was jumping out of my chair every two seconds because I am sh*t scared of wasps and large insects.

Anyway, we then realised there was a small fountain with turtles in it so we went to have a peek at them, we were joined by another visitor of Brennan’s who turned out to be obsessed with, you got it, turtles.

She was so happy and excited about the fountain with the turtles and the more we spoke to her the more I noticed her turtle jewelry and her never ending facts about turtles. I couldn’t help but ask how she felt about the turtle soup on the menu, she replied:

“I don’t mind because it’s the nasty ones, snappers.”

Okay, each to their own.

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After our incredible brunch we head to the Garden District, the beautiful area of New Orleans with a vintage street car going up the main roads and the streets lined with stunning mansion houses.

The houses are huge with beautiful iron work, immaculate gardens and porches you can see yourself sitting on, every home was breathtaking and we could only dream about how magnificent it would be to live in one.

From celebrity homes, to movie sets and haunted mansions this was an area of wealth.

After taking ourselves on our own tour around the district using our wonderful tour guide, Google, we were once again – starving.

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Our friend Jack had been to New Orleans only two weeks before and stressed that if we were in the Garden District we had to eat at Turkey and the Wolf. After realising how hungry we were we searched for it’s location – it was half an hour away and it closed in the same amount of time.

Uber was ordered and ten minutes and $6 later we were there, ready to eat.

Located on a barren side of the road, it wouldn’t be somewhere you would pop in on a whim if you hadn’t heard about it, but we are so glad we did.

The menu sounded unbelievable but Jack had ordered the lamb neck roti with chilies, caraway, lemon yogurt, cucumbers, onions and herbs and he would not stop going on about it, so we both had to order it too.

A whale on a stick in hand (our table marker) we sat outside facing the most adorable puppy who could not get enough cuddles.

Then the food arrived.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Wow, this was mouthwateringly incredible. The lamb fell apart the yogurt was the icing on the cake and we didn’t talk during this entire meal because we just wanted to consume it.

If you are ever in New Orleans you have to go here.

By this point we were exhausted, and knew we had the Jazz Festival the next day so we headed back to the hostel chilled outside and went straight to bed – we had a big day ahead of us.

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