10 (More) Things I’ve Learned Living in NYC

Hello, I’m back.

What’s Just Landed On Your Head?

In Summer you will feel drops of water on your head, even when there are no clouds in the sky – why is that? You see those air-con vents that dangerously hang out of peoples windows? The majority of time, the water is coming from them.

However, upon watching a man piss off the side of a rooftop bar, onto the queue below – you can never be too sure.

The Best Restaurants Are Worth The Wait

We’ve been wanting to go to a restaurant called Uncle Boons for a while now, the first time we tried we rocked up at 6pm ( a normal dining hour) and the wait for a table was FOUR hours. We didn’t wait.

We were determined to try it, so on a Wednesday evening I left work early and messaged (threatened) all of my friends to get to the Lower East Side for 5.30 (when it opened) – we finally got the table. (There was a queue from 5.20)

(I didn’t need that amount of brackets)

It was totally worth it, I would highly recommend.

New Yorkers deal with the wait for a reason, don’t be British and get fed up because you’ll probably end up in TGI Fridays.

‘MMHMMM’ means ‘You’re Welcome’

Someone held the door open for me and I said ‘Thank You’ – as you would – and they replied MMHHHMMMMM. I immediately assumed I had pissed them off by entering the door that they held for me, until this happened frequently with many different people.

So, I’m going to assume it means You’re Welcome, or I have walked through many doors I shouldn’t have.

It’s All About the Confidence

You can do and see anything in New York if you have the gift of the gab and place yourself within the right social circles. Networking means a lot here – I am bloody awful at it, however upon reading this article I feel anyone can get anywhere within this city if you put your mind to it. (And scam hotels out of hundreds of thousands of dollars – not encouraging)

I highly recommend reading this: How Anna Delvey Tricked New York

Dive Bars are your Friend

They sound awful and usually look rank from the outside, however as soon as you step in they are usually the most interesting and eclectic interiors I have ever seen. From neon signs to fairy lights to kites on the ceiling you have no idea what you are going to get.

Also, they are cheap as chips.

Walking Takes the Same Amount of Time as the Subway

The amount of times I have looked at my maps and the time to walk is about a 1-2 minute difference from the subway.

Just walk, you are in New York.

Would you rather look at a bunch of rats on a dingy train track, or a bunch of rats scuttering about in the beautiful outdoors?

Haha just kidding….or am I.

Little Italy is the Equivalent of Magaluf


“Look at my Menu – DELICIOUS food, good deal for you!”

“Why you walking away, YOU LOOK  HUNGRY!”

Fun fact: all of the menus are essentially the same and are the same price.

It’s so weird how you can walk down one street in this city and you are transported to a completely different world.

We picked the one that looked the nicest from the outside.

Manhattenhenge is a thing

New York was built as a grid system (until you get downtown but we don’t need to talk about how confusing this is).

There are 11 avenues numbered from East to West and the streets run perpendicular across the avenues. This makes the city incredibly easy to navigate and also helps you to time how long it will take you to walk. For example, it takes about 3-5 minutes to walk between avenues and around 1 minute to walk between streets.

ANYWAY, Mattenhenge is when the sun is setting and due to the grid system of the streets they are lit up in the most beautiful way. It only happens four days a year and the city goes mad.

You are supposed to stand as far east of the city as you can and look down popular streets such as 42nd, 34th or 14th for the best view.


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To get a henge shot and secure a good location, you have to be there first thing in the morning…. . If you wait too long to get to spots, you’ll find the Henge Mob has taken over…. . This photo was taken in 2016 and is still one of my favorites… . Happy Throw Back Thursday 👊👊…… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #nycprimeshot #what_i_saw_in_nyc #agameoftones #worldbestshot #ig_worldclub #worldbestgram#igpodium_night#ig_nightphotography#wildnewyork#superhubs#nycdotgram #igpodium #ig_all_americas#icapture_NYC #earthgallery#made_in_ny #loaded_lenses #usaprimeshot #ig_color #waycoolshots #moodygrams #createcommune #nbc4ny #nyc #loves_nyc #ig_nycity #udog_peopleandplaces #newyork #abc7nu

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You Can Do Yoga In the Middle of the City – for FREE

I’ve signed up to do Yoga in Bryant Park and Times Square.

In the outdoors, in front of everyone.

Very excited.


Day Parties are a Thing

Day drinking is awesome, and the fact that New York culture feeds into that is fantastic.

The sun is out, your on a rooftop or in an open outdoor area, there’s some great music blasting and the smell of street food is in the air.

There’s always one on, you’ve just got to be good at finding them.

God, I love this city.

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