I Have A Cold, Here Is Some Dramatic Moaning About It.

I have a cold, verging on a chest infection (I’m guessing I refuse to pay to go to the doctor) and here are some moans about it.

God I Miss My Nose 

Who knew it was so useful?

Can you smell that?


Taste Is Important 

I have found myself eating things with high intensity flavour, for example I seem to have found a love for blue cheese which didn’t exist  before.

Also, if I can’t taste anything – does that mean my breath smells and I have no idea?


I keep getting hot and cold flushes.

I put the heating on then I have to switch it off because it feels like LAVA HAS BEEN POURED DOWN MY BACK.

But then at work the air con is fully pumping – AND I MAY AS WELL BE IN AN IGLOO.

*sits there with two jumpers on* 

I Have No Friends

‘Don’t sit near me you will make me ill’

‘Sorry I can’t let you taste my delicious ice cream because of your germs’

‘Can you stop breathing’

‘Why are you still here’

‘You have made me ill’


‘You Sound Ill’

No sh*t Sherlock.

*sings sticky shoes* 

Shout out to all the people out there who have colds, and feel like getting dramatic about it.

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