10 Things you NEED to Eat in New York

There is an unbelievable amount of food in New York, with an exceptionally huge population with so many nationalities it is no wonder you can literally get any cuisine that comes to the top of your head.

I always remember watching a TV program many years ago that said, no one will ever be able to eat at every New York restaurant in their lifetime, there are simply too many. I was deeply upset by this fact.

However, as there are so many it is very VERY easy to go into a completely garbage restaurant. Due to New York being so touristy those restaurants in the popular areas do not need to be good because they get the customer flow, which is why when you visit the city – RESEARCH. There are so many good places to go and it is so easy to miss them.

Anyway, while you are here – this is what I suggest you look for.


If you don’t eat pizza in New York you are doing something terribly wrong. You can order pizza on every corner of every street, some good, some bad, some a dollar.

I would be insulting the entirety of New York if I picked a favorite, so my suggestion to you would be – whatever neighborhood you are staying in research the best pizza there and that narrows it down for you (slightly).

Top tip: a dollar slice tastes so much better at 2am.

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Lox Bagel

There’s a sign on the Brooklyn Bridge that says ‘No Locks, Yes Lox’ – I’ve walked over this bridge many times having absolutely no clue what lox were, until one day I walked into Zuckers Bagels.

Lox is a fillet of brined salmon, and a lox bagel is the salmon with cream cheese, tomato, red onion and capers. I have  had one in Zuckers and I had one in Russ and Daughters, both unbelievable. I highly recommend.

If fish is not your thing, just get a bagel with anything on it – make sure its slightly tough on the outside but lovely and cloudy on the inside. Apparently the bagels in New York are so good due to the water – not sure how true this is.

Top tip: an ‘everything’ bagel with BLT filling is my second fave.

Street Food

The real stuff, not the gourmet van stuff.

Whether it’s a pretzel, candied nuts, fresh mango, a hot dog or gyro – it really is something you have to experience.

Keep your eyes peeled for them pushing their carts down the road at the end of the day, no idea where they are going but they get in the way of everyone, and you are expected to move.

Apparently the Halal Guys are the best, I haven’t been as it’s in a neighborhood I don’t frequent (Upper East) but it is on my to do list.

Top tip: don’t walk behind the van, you will see things you don’t want to.


I have been to Katz Deli twice and not eaten anything, this mainly due to the fact that I cannot fathom the fact that a sandwich costs $20, this was at the beginning of the year.

I am still determined to go.

From my friends experience, it is totally worth it – but share the sandwich because they are huge – therefore making the price $10 and a lot more reasonable. (Friends who want to go – hit me up)

The second time a local lady heard me gasp at the price (seriously) and she said (in a fantastic movie-style classic New York accent).

“Girls, girls you have to try it I come here for the pastrami sandwich every weekend.”



Is massive here, do I have a favorite yet? No.

Ramen is warming and comforting and full of flavor – it really is an all rounder and you can see why it is so big here. I have eaten at Kuro-Obi many times during a run down day at work, which has helped me out massively.

However, I am desperate to try Ivan Ramen after watching Ivan Orkin, the Chef, on Chef’s Table on Netflix. A Jewish man from New York who fell in love with Japan and has gained success in ramen, it’s a story I adore and I can’t wait to visit one of his restaurants.

Top Tip: Watch the Chef’s Table episode, and you will see why I want to go.


New York does cookies WELL.

It’s the proper warm, melted chocolate, gooey, all your calorie intake in one day type of cookie.

Levain bakery is the famous place to go, I am yet to try. However Insomnia Cookies does the job.

Top tip: You can even get them delivered…..I know, right!


You are in America after all.

I’m not a burger gal, but if I am going to eat one I’ll go to Bareburger, 5 Napkin and dare I say it, Shake Shack – it did start off in NYC after all.


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The dreamiest taco’s come from Los Tacos No 1.

There is one located in Chelsea Market, and the other is round the corner from my work in Times Square – and HOLY CRAP.

These are:

  • Affordable
  • Messy
  • Filled with flavor
  • and I’ve lost my train of thought because my mouth is watering.

Top tip: This isn’t fine dining, this is get stuck in and messy.

Ice Cream

The ice cream competition here is unbelievable – but at least you know you are likely to get a good scoop.

My favourite is Big Gay Ice Cream as they have an unreal cone with soft serve dipped in chocolate and injected with caramel. (Holy crap)

I would like to try Milk Bar, where the ice cream is supposed to taste like the sweet milk you get after your cereal has been sitting in it. I would also like to try Taiyaki based in China Town – I walked past it once after eating a tonne which was regretful as they look insane, as in, like fish.

Top tip: I mean, if I have to give you tips on how to eat ice cream then I would like to know how you go about eating it.


Well, I couldn’t NOT mention wings.

I don’t have a favourite because I have eaten wings so many times that I have:

  • Lost count of how many times I’ve eaten them
  • Have no idea where I’ve eaten them

So I sincerely apologise that i can’t offer a recommendation, but I mean you have to try them somewhere.

Top Tip: If you order anything other than buffalo with blue cheese dip we can’t be friends.


Do you have any recommendations for me?

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