10 Song Scenarios You Never Knew You Needed | April Enthusiasm Month

I love music, but I don’t have ‘good’ taste in music, and I am the first to admit that.

So, for enthusiasm month – here are some songs that I bloody love and the scenarios you should be in while listening to them.

The One Stuck in my Head:

Artist: The Beatles

Song Title: I Feel Fine

Why: The guitar at the beginning and throughout gives me so much joy.

Scenario: Walking down the street like that traffic hedgehog – British people you know what I am on about. Or if you don’t find it here: Hedgehog Road Safety

The it’s the Weekend One:

Artist: Format:B

Song Title: Chunky

Why: When I am drinking, this is all I want to listen to.

Scenario: You can’t remember the name of THAT SONG YOU LOVE, but you REALLY need to listen to it, OH WAIT I KNOW….

The One with the Longest Title:

Artist: Panic! At The Disco

Song Title:The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage

Why: I know every word to every song on this album, hello emo phase.

Scenario: Old Fashioned in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

The Naughty One:

Artist: Rihanna

Song Title: Sex With Me

Why: Because the first line is, ‘Sex with me is amazing’, which only Rihanna can sing.

Scenario: Let’s keep it family friendly, how about when you have the (drink) confidence to dance, but you really, really, REALLY can’t cause you’re a twenty something Scottish stiff girl.

The ‘You’re a Total B*tch One:

Artist: Bruno Mars

Song Title: Natalie

Why: Such an upbeat tempo for such a negative topic – I  bloody love it.

Scenario: When someone has really pissed you off, pretend they are Natalie.

The Slow One:

Artist: Marina and the Diamonds (No, not Adele)

Song Title: Starring Role

Why: She’s a total sass-pot and is incredible live (hence the live video embedded and not the music video.)

Scenario: It’s the end of the night, you’ve had too many red wines and you feel like singing a good song really badly. (Because you clearly sound like her in your head)



Artist:  Beyonce (ft the Dixie Chicks, I couldn’t find the original on YouTube which I prefer)

Song Title: Daddy Lessons

Why: It’s Beyonce

Scenario: You’re in a car with all of your friends, windows open, it’s sunny and you feel like losing your voice that day.

The Doesn’t Get Old One:

Artist:  Lana Del Rey

Song Title: Radio

Why: How can someone say ‘f*cking’ so delicately?

Scenario: This feels like a background at a dinner party song that you secretly enjoy listening to because everyone around you is boring the living crap out of you.

The Brings My Mood Up One:

Artist:  Lorde

Song Title: Green Light

Why: The tempo just really lifts my spirits, and of course it’s Lorde.

Scenario: When you are getting ready for a night out dancing in your underwear in front of the mirror singing (badly) ‘I HOPE THEY BITE YOU.’

The Guilty Pleasure One:

Artist:  Linkin Park

Song Title: In The End

Why: They just don’t get old to me, I can honestly listen to them over and over again.

Scenario: When that grungy club you have accidentally gone into is about to close, this is the last song they play.


What songs are you enthusiastic about?

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