10 Things I Am Enthusiastic About | April Enthusiasm Month

I have the attention span of a fish and therefore I get bored easily. When I become enthusiastic about something it will last approximately two minutes until the next exciting thing comes along.

So, I thought I would write down ten things that have actually lasted the test of time in terms of my enthusiasm.


I don’t REALLY pay attention, I just really enjoy someone chatting sh*t to me for between 4 and 15 minutes. It’s great when I’m brushing my teeth, straightening my hair or just need some background noise. (I hate all forms of silence)

What do I watch? It used to be Casey Neistat but he’s kind of disappeared. So now, I watch David Dobrik torture his friends or Jenna Marbles , being well – Jenna Marbles.


ManRepeller feels like reading the discussions you have with friends when you have had a few too many bottles of wine and they’ve been recorded and put on an online magazine.

From what you have spent all of your  money on that week to whether you want children to what you wore into the office and why that boy on Tinder has ghosted you.

Not only am I learning, I’m having fun with it too.


I’ve had an obsession with tattoos since I can remember, from spotting Geri Halliwell’s panther tattoo in the video ‘Say You’ll Be There’ while she was in the Spice Girls at the age of probably about 5,  to admiring Rebecca Fox and her ever growing tattoo collection – they have always been something I am massively enthusiastic about.

It is a god send to my family I can’t afford to be covered, yet.

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Annette's freckle accidently in the perfect spot ❤❤❤

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Creative Instagram’s

I am so jealous of everyone on Instagram, aren’t you? I want the filters and photographers that they use, now. How are people so good at this? WHERE DO THEY FIND THE TIME. I don’t want their lifestyle, cause I quite like mine, no no – I just want their editing skills.

My favourites: The Fashion Fraction, Tezzamb , A Fashion Nerd and Sammijefcoate


I have never traveled more than I have while being here, and I have more places to go on the horizon. City breaks are so easy to do – and I am infuriated at myself that I haven’t taken advantage of Europe while it was on my doorstep (will do in future), but for now the East coast of North America will do, and hopefully the West.

The people I have met here have done A LOT of travelling, and I feel well behind on the times. From their experiences it defines and helps you grow as a person, maybe this is why I am incapable of speaking to strangers.

Or maybe, I’m just odd.



This is a weird one, but I am incredibly enthusiastic about crime.

I studied Criminology at University and I got the whole ‘you’ll never get a job with that degree.’ Do you know what? I don’t care – I loved it. In those three years I genuinely learned about something I loved – can you say that about your degree? I got to write my dissertation about solitary confinement, I learned about how horrific the mental health system used to treat people, I’ve been inside prisons and met with prisoners, I’ve been warned not to write to Charles Bronson due to a love affair with a previous student and I did really well in my organised crime module – which by the way is what I am most enthusiastic about.

So although I don’t have a career in this area, I gained information that I really love to know – and still tell people about to this day.

A Good Cup Of Coffee

It coats my insides with a warm hug of love when a coffee is done right.

It pains me that I can’t buy one every day, at $5 a piece it’s a stab to the heart but I guess it makes it more of a treat. Coffee is literally vile in New York, there is a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts on every corner – boak. But, when you find those gems  – I’m looking at you Toby’s Estate, Blue Lane and La Colombe – you hit the nail on the head.

Local Restaurants

I attempt to avoid chains as much as I can, in NYC this is hard seeing as they take over every street and nearly always bang average. When you find that local gem though – you keep going back. This can be found in Lovely Day a restaurant that we consistently keep going back to.

In Edinburgh I know and love all of the local restaurants (well, the ones I knew of when I left), I’m still to grasp onto the best ones here as of yet – but I will get there.

It is unbelievably hard to keep a food business going, and to know that you are a helping hand in that process, it feels really bloody good.



Everyone keeps telling me that Twitter is dead, you are wrong (in my opinion).

I am on Twitter all day every day, it’s where I get my news from, it’s where I get my opinion articles from, its where I complain about stupid things no one cares about and it’s where I waste time during my procrastination hours.

I find out news stories from Twitter, before they are on the news, you can’t beat information like that. (Obviously be careful about your sources – I always go searching for evidence before immediately believing something.) It’s also a great place to read both sides of the story, especially in terms of politics.

Twitter is going off, and you are all missing out.

This Blog

I have had this blog for five years, it’s gone from food, to travel, to videos to just life. I forget on a daily basis that people read this blog because, to be perfectly honest, this is my safe place where I switch off and write about stupid things like what I am enthusiastic about.

But, it’s nice to know that it is enjoyed by others and that I have somewhere I can decipher the crap that goes on in my head.

Want to know something? Once I publish a post, I don’t re-read it because I make myself cringe. How about that for something you are enthusiastic about?

What are you enthusiastic about? Let me know!

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