10 (More) Things I’ve Learned Living in NYC

Hello, how are you? You know how this goes now…right?

The Plaza Cars 

One day, ONE DAY I TELL YOU, I will be in the back of one of The Plaza’s Tesla’s that have their own number plate that states ‘PLAZA NYC’.

But until then, I will stand in awe at the traffic lights at the fact that The Plaza has personal Tesla’s with the number plate ‘PLAZA NYC’.


Yes, you did read that correctly.

I smell it in the morning, I smell it in the evening.

Sometimes I have to dodge around people on the street who have a large joint in their hand so I don’t end up smelling like I am high when I am heading to work/meeting friends etc.

Is it legal in NYC? Because it feels as though it is… hold on let me ask Google.

Here we go:

Possession of marijuana is generally illegal in New York. However, the Compassionate Care Act, which was passed in New York in 2014 provides for a medical marijuana program that allows patients who are suffering from specified serious conditions to obtain marijuana for medicinal use. 

It appears everyone in New York is suffering from serious conditions.


Apparently, the subway is a fantastic place to A. Pee or B. Pee Yourself.

I have been on the subway twice in the past month and had to change carriages because the smell was so putrid – and I’m talking like, burning your eyes bad.

Half Past 

Asking for a restaurant reservation and saying ‘half past’ or ‘quarter too’ – THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.

For some reason, people here do not believe this is a phrase or do not understand it as a phrase or just choose to not have it in their vocabulary.

It’s all THREE THIRTY  and FOUR FORTY FIVE – so much more of an effort…right?

Bodega Cats 

This is a thing – and I love it.

I have a cat, who is being looked after back home, and I miss her everyday – so when I stumbled upon the Twitter account @BodegaCats_  I was delighted.

Then, I just so happen to see – many Bodega Cats. Maybe you don’t notice them until you know about them – do you know what I mean?

Like Mermaids, Santa and Unicorns?!!

Side note – buying a bottle of wine while stroking an old ginger cat is a fantastic Friday night if you ask me – here’s to finding more Bodega Cats.

China Town 

……is in Queens!!…and other areas across the globe….

However this one just so happens to have restaurants that are cheap and absolutely delicious.

Worth the horrifically long journey on the number 7 – refer back to Pee.

I spent $14 on noodles, duck AND dumplings – unheard of in Manhattan, we rolled out of there needing a nap and not an hour (or two) long subway journey home.

Football’s Coming Home 

Kind of.

On Sunday I was dragged along to a match at ‘The Mad Hatter’ a pub that specializes in Manchester City and continuously plays every one of the games (live) as well as selling merchandise.

It was from this day that I realised – every (popular) football club within the UK has a bar assigned to them within Manhattan – you’ve just got to be a proper fan to know where it is.

It was also from this day that I realised – not only is it okay to drink in the morning during bottomless brunch, it is also okay while watching a football match. (There are some positives to time differences.)

Close Proximity 

In the morning I am crammed onto that Path train like that extra bit of sandwich that just keeps sticking out. It’s tight and not nice, in the slightest.

Usually I either, read my book or listen to music.

Upon losing or leaving behind both of the above I found myself with zero distraction during my 15 minute uncomfortable sandwich, I actually started LOOKING at the people around me.

I’ve never done this before, it’s just not a thing, but I tell you what – it’s absolutely hilarious.

Everyone sitting down is basically asleep, and if they are not we should be worried, everyone else are the ‘ignorers’ (me previously) who do not even look up and then there was an odd few of us looking around the carriage with that familiar nod – yes my friend, I too have lost my headphones. 

Free Drinks All Round 

There’s an app where you pay $10 a month to get one free drink at a different bar in the city EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Some might say – it’s a great way to explore the cities bar scene.

Others might say – you are an alcoholic.

But who are you going to listen to? Some or others?

(It’s called Hooch FYI)

Broadway Lottery 

It’s $32 for a $150-$400 ticket, but you have no guarantee of getting one.

You roll up, put your name in the barrel and hope and pray they call your name.

Because let me tell you, there were front row seat tickets on offer – and I will be going back time and time again for a chance to win those bad boys.

You have to Google which shows do it, and you have to stand outside the theater on the day to take part – but this is totally worth it when you are saving $330.

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