This is March, Challenge Month

I’ve been struggling to think of a theme for March, I reached out and asked people for their suggestions…some of them:

  • Kindness
  • Money
  • Fishing
  • Extreme Activity
  • 30 day challenge (Thanks Cheska)

At first when I read ’30 day challenge’ I was like PFFT YEAH RIGHT because I assumed I would have to force myself to the gym or something. But actually, it doesn’t necessarily have to last 30 days – why don’t I just set myself mini challenges, with things that I have always wanted to do or been to lazy to do, to see how I feel and what I achieve from it.

I have only decided, right this second, that this is what my theme will be this month. Will I regret it – yes, but hey it’s meant to be challenging right?

The part I am going to add in for fun – I am not going to tell anyone around me the challenges I have set myself to see if anyone notices, so you wont know what blog posts are coming up, but definitely stay tuned I feel like they are going to be amusing.

Have you set yourself a challenge recently?

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