Have You Met…Charlotte?

‘Have You Met…’ Is a series I started to originally interview restaurants, then I moved onto bloggers and now since moving to New York the series has turned to others who are new to the city and the USA trying to find out what they have learned and their favourite places to visit. To read my other interviews head here

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What is your name / age and where are you from?

Charlotte, 24, a town just outside of London that no one’s ever heard of.  

Why did you decide to come to New York to study and work?

I’ve always wanted to work abroad and after graduating, I travelled for 6 months around South America, Bali and the Philippines. Essentially, I caught the travelling bug and after running out of money and coming home I couldn’t wait to leave again. After hearing about Mountbatten, New York seemed like the perfect place to come and live for a year and get some great experience working at a Global company (with the compulsory study part being much less exciting).

Where do you work/what is your role?

Citi Bank in Learning and Development, working within a virtual team running accelerator programs for AVP to Director levels.

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You’ve got mail 💌

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How are you finding living in New Jersey?

It’s definitely not as bad as I thought it’d be – the worst part is probably telling people you live in Jersey rather than Manhattan. The view across the river of the Manhattan skyline never gets old, I can see the Empire State from my flat and my commute is only 30 minutes door to door so I can’t really complain.

How are you finding having a roommate?

It’s definitely a strange thing to have to do at the age of 24, when I tell my friends from home they find it bizarre. I’ve only ever shared a room when I was younger and in hostels and I genuinely found the thought of moving in with a complete stranger really awkward and a nightmare. Mountbatten literally throw you in the deep end and from the minute you land in NYC you share a room. I’ve been lucky and get on with my roommate so don’t really see it as being that weird anymore. When you’re living in NYC for just a year it means that you’re constantly out and about and don’t end up spending that much time in your apartment let alone your room so it’s not that bad.

Have you been to New York before? (If so, has your perspective changed? If not, is it what you imagined?)

I first visited New York when I was 16 – I loved how busy it was all of the time. I did all the usual touristy things and spent quite a lot of time exploring (shopping in) Midtown. Since moving here and especially working Downtown, the thought of venturing up to Midtown infuriates me – it’s much dirtier than I remember and don’t even get me started on tourists who choose to stop in the middle of the pavement for a photo-shoot.

What has been your favourite memory of your year so far?

This is hard, some of my best weekend activities have been completely spontaneous. Each trip I’ve been on has been incredible but spending Christmas with 18 friends in Vermont has definitely been a highlight. It was memorable before we even left Newport and looking back it’s a miracle that we all made it back to New York really.

What is your favourite area of New York and why?

I love Greenwich Village, you can literally spend all day wandering round, there are so many places to explore.

What is your favourite restaurant and why?

San Marzano in East Village is great: $10 pasta, $15 Sangria pitchers what’s not to love! CATCH in Meatpacking is definitely one to try for Brunch/Sushi and amazing Cocktails. Top Tip: There is practically no where nice to eat out in Newport.

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President and First Lady 2020 🇺🇸

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What is your favourite bar and why?

Northern Territory in Brooklyn is a great rooftop bar to visit in the Summer but Mr Purple is also so much fun with great views!

What is your favourite happy hour and why?

To be honest I don’t really remember my favourite happy hour. If I had to choose it’d probably be Bubby’s in Tribeca, but realistically anywhere offering cheap drinks in NYC you’re likely to find me being propped up by the bar.

If someone had one day to spend in New York what should they do?

Get up early, have a stroll through Central Park. Walk down 5th Avenue before grabbing brunch at Jack’s Wife Freda or the Butchers Daughter, explore Meatpacking, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge before finishing with sunset drinks and a great view of Manhattan from the rooftop at The William Vale.  

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Mumma T in NYC 🇺🇸💗

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Have you traveled anywhere during your time here? Where and why?

So far I’ve been lucky enough to visit Bear Mountain, Yale University, Boston, Vermont, Washington, Connecticut and Philadelphia and of course my personal favourite, that I can’t stay away from – Palisades.

What is something you didn’t know about New York/USA until you got here?

How easy it is to navigate the city and how hard I’d find to get almost everywhere.

What is one thing you miss from home?

Having money.

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White Christmas 🎄❄️☃️

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After this year, if you could stay and live in New York, would you? Why?

100%!! The last 6 months has flown by and the thought of going home in August makes me really sad. I wouldn’t want to live here forever but given the opportunity I could definitely see myself staying for a couple more years.

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It’s brunch bitch 🥂

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