Looking Back at Six Months in NYC.

I didn’t want to write this, because it made me feel sad. But, I know in the long run I’ll want to look back on something like this.


August in New York is uncomfortably hot and hoiking three suitcases around was not ideal especially when it was to one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed in, lime green walls, rumors of bed bugs  in the sheets and no wifi – we all had to call our parents from the street.

This didn’t matter, there was probably about fifty of us or more in the beginning and we scouted out any happy hour we could find in the vicinity – freshers week had begun.

Sauntering around in our heard of pre-made friends, it was as if we had known each other forever, even though it was just five days.

Our first bottomless brunch hit us like a ton of bricks and ended with a bad smell that no one would admit to, of course this resulted in a roof top and one messy night later.


We moved to Newport in apartments of five, having to have a roommate for the first time was  a shock to the system for the majority of us, I found myself lucky not to have one yet – little did I know I hadn’t hit the jackpot just yet.

Someone had managed to sniff out dollar beers within 24 hours and so we spent our first Tuesday at one of the funnest nights, meeting more pre-made friends along the way.

‘Who do you live with? Where are you working?’ – and the rest is history.

I promised myself I would go every Tuesday, little did I know class would kick in on Tuesday evenings -it was dollar beers no more.

30164 Grand Tour_2017-12-07_18-30-49

From hospital trips, singles boat cruises, Atlantic City and the rumor mill running wild, the Mountbatten train was going full speed ahead.

Then Florence Esplin arrived, a ray of sunshine in a haze of red wine, my roommate was here – coming from an only child who very much likes my own space and company -a life without Florence is no longer possible and I am very happy about that.

Me, thinking I am the c*ck of the walk and know NYC like the back of my hand after a month, take us on a trip of bagels, the Brooklyn bridge and Smorgasburg getting us extremely lost in the process.

Then Sunday Funday happened, a misfit group of Jacks and the girls getting lost in the city one Sunday at a time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Sunday Funday evolved into Polo on Governors Island, picking apples in North Salem and exploring NYC’s restaurant scene one overpriced menu at a time.

Let’s not forget the weekend trips where the August intake push their livers to the limits and make the most of living in the states by endless bottomless brunches of too many people, showing Harvard and Yale how the British ‘share’ drink, developing our Aussie accents in the Poconos and finding out what Washington looks like after a Bloody Mary or two.

The angels who, after getting bored in an art gallery came together as a four to discuss everything – a sacred group of venting to each other from drunken mistakes to financial crime. A night out with this lot leaves you covered in red wine, but also with good memories.


The random nights where you end up in a Brooklyn warehouse with Jeremy Clarkson, at a members only private club surrounded by New York’s elite for Burns night, a secret gig where the location is not known until 24 hours before, jumping in pools fully clothed, singing Karaoke in Brooklyn or Santa Con where ‘ho ho ho’ means something else.

Let’s not forget working in a position I could never have dreamed of on Times Square, with the most amazing company, colleagues and learning so much on the way.


With the ups come the downs, from waking up to an extortionate Uber bill after a disastrous Halloween, losing your bank cards and dignity in none other than Texas Arizona, leaving passports in Washington or losing TWO phones in one night (got the phones back – hollaaa) as much as these were awful, AWFUL, occasions – the ups still beat the sh*t out of them.

And with that comes my very short hand round up of the past six months, much more has happened that I am not willing to share, nor would I be allowed to, but hey – sometimes you’ve got to keep some things to yourself.


The last six months have been awesome, from feeling sad at the beginning of this post to feeling very happy about how much I have utilized my time – I am so excited for the next 6 months to happen.

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